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How to E-mail the Webmaster for Eric's Beach Boys Page

Before e-mailing me, please note:

1. I am not the Beach Boys, nor am I affiliated with them in any way, therefore I do not know their e-mail addresses.

2. If you e-mailed me at godvibes@crosswinds.net and never got a response, it is probably because Crosswinds lost your message. (Note: I would highly discourage you from using Crosswinds Mail...they lost over 9 MB of my mail with no explanation or apology.)

3. If you have a question, did you check the Frequently Asked Questions section?

4. If you are contributing a setlist, did you check out the Formatting Guidelines section to help your setlist get posted faster.


With that in mind, you may e-mail me at:


Or you can just click here.


Thanks and good vibes!

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